Yann Tiersen is love!

I want to thank those who encouraged me to ‘jump’ on Friday. (Haha, that sounds as though I was being pressed to commit suicide – okay I’ll stop.) I was quite touched, even if I didn’t do it in the end. I believe in bodily expression and all that and honestly, the atmosphere and the music was great. But I just don’t feel comfortable enough in my own skin. I get anxious and then I can’t perform – this is why I habitually screw up solo performances, sport games, etc. It’s strange how, onstage, I’m more comfortable performing as someone else rather than as myself. So D. and I were slapping ironic high fives at our unwillingness? inability? to join in. Everyone’s eagerness was really infective, though. (: Love.

Examinations have tied my hands, so I can’t really contribute to Region D’s Colour Friday. I really hope it goes well. Alright, I know it will.

May 7th, May 7th – run to me, embrace me, love me! Then it’ll be two months of repose before the madness starts all over again.

And I’ll be happy, I will be happy – I will be strong and I’m no longer the same girl W. never dared to bully for fear of breaking me, now I would never let you see me cry, ever, but there’s still a good long way for me to go. I will remember that it’s not enough to simply lay a battle array – what matters is whether we go out to trash our Goliaths. Don’t say it’s propaganda. It’s sound advice, and I’ll take it. First one down is that monster of a paper tomorrow morning at 9am.

(I love my feminism module, though, I really do. And this short story is simply amazing because it speaks of so many things. I love stories that invoke the fable/parable/fairy tale genre. I love stories about story-telling. And I’ll stop here because I should be saving the commentary for the monster in 15 hours time.)

Eh. My mom’s watching 红星大奖, why!?

edit @ 1:49 pm Mon: Isn’t this just wonderful? A cat-house! For the life of me, I will never understand my region’s general dislike of cats. XD

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8 Responses to Yann Tiersen is love!

  1. Don says:

    Your Highness

    Theres nothing at the “this short story” link. Erm, maybe its just me, but its kinda blank..

    Be happy, BE HAPPY! May 7th, thats 4 days from my ORD. Muahaha, I think we should celebrate. Maybe.

    Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed Colour Friday. And I’m sure Region D will do well for theirs as well! :D

    All the best for your exams!

    Anyway, when I was doing feminism in JC, I read this play called “Top Girls”. Wonder if you have seen in before. :D


  2. actxvii says:

    Hey slave

    Okay I replaced the link. The original one was a pdf file and I think the site didn’t like being linked like that. Haha. I haven’t seen that play! I’d like to though! And I didn’t know you did feminism. So how do you find it?

    Hurray for freedom!

    And thanks (:

  3. Don says:

    Hey princess

    Lets skip all the formalities, shall we? Haha.

    How do I find it? Hm, do you mean the play, or feminism itself? Well, I haven’t seen the play, I have only read it. But well, both have the same effect on me: Confuses me, and then make me understand and question, what exactly is feminism, and how women who achieve success eventually become less woman? Well, just some food for thought. I can lend you the book, maybe after your exams.

    And as with everything else thats literature, it had always been a love-hate relationship for me.

    Cheers to freedom! So that makes me a non-slave. :D Promote me to something else now. :P

    You can get the queen to make me a knight.

    Oh yes, The Blank Page. I couldn’t read beyond the story, all I got was, there could only be one story from the written page/stained sheet, but a blank page, it could tell a million billion stories?

    Well, I do need to improve my reading, eh? Haha.

    • actxvii says:

      oh and regarding The Blank Page:

      I think it’s bascially talking about how a text should be open to all sorts of different interpretations. The unsoiled sheet, for instance, contains a set of possibilities itself already – so the princess wasn’t a virgin? Or she resisted her husband? And so here you have all the feminist stuff you can read into it already (even if the author claims that she is not feminist).

      Also, the ‘silences that speak’.

      I think I’m treading on not-so-safe ground here and I would dearly like to remain apolitical. pffft. But okay my feminism course aside, I’m really just a lit geek, so.

  4. actxvii says:

    Haha, I meant feminism. I think no one can actually pinpoint what exactly feminism is all about, because it’s a highly diverse/fragmented movement. At a very basic level, it calls for gender equality and seeks to remove oppression of women by men. It’s an iffy issue overall, really. (I think I’d rather elaborate in person if you really want me to.) What do you mean by ‘becoming less woman’?

    And why a love-hate relationship? I think love-hate relationships between oneself and the chosen course of study is universal among undergrad humanities students…

    Uh, scullery maid can? Or since we’re on feminism, you want something less gendered? Haha

    It’s okay la. You’ll get a lot of brain exercise later on end July anyway. Relax first!

  5. Don says:

    Becoming less woman. Well, we have talked about it on Friday night, and Joel explained a little (Joel, are you reading this? Why aren’t you commenting, I feel I should just write about it still.

    Basically, feminists fight for gender equality and against oppression of women by men. We all know that. The thing is, as you have briefly explained last night, gender is a social construct. Meaning, ‘male’ and ‘female’ are roles constructed by society and each is given a ‘norm’ to follow.

    Therefore, in the fight for gender equality, women tend to assume the role of men, because the role of men in the society is the one in power. (I am talking about olden times, present time is in a mess) The feminist seek gender equality by taking on the roles that men usually hold, challenging the assumption that females are less capable than males. Meaning, they put on ‘male characteristics’, such as wearing of trousers, speaking profanities, giving up their role as a mother and sometimes, even oppress other women.

    Well, “Top Girls” is quite a chaotic play. Which somehow points in the direction that when the feminist challenges the norms and traditions that has been set, and simply ‘jump’ into male roles, its quite a ‘mess’. And this questions if it was actually better for women to remain in their traditional role. Could they still seek gender equality then? (I personally think they can, but literature always like to go to extremes for reasons I do not know)

    And, I shall stop here. I’ve never written ANYTHING related to feminism for more than 2 years and I feel I am getting myself confused in my own writing. Haha. So pardon me if you feel I was typing alot of nonsense above.

    Scullery maid?!? And here you are talking about being ‘less gendered’… haha, gender equality doesn’t mean gender mixing ok. :P But what’s less gendered? I think roles in the royal family has always been linked to gender, no? Prince, princess, king, queen, knights, maids, squires etc. Unless you have something very general, like, cook.

    Hm, I was thinking, if women oppresses men, like what you are doing to me now, refusing to promote me :P, is it considered feminist?

  6. actxvii says:

    Haha, why is contemporary society a ‘mess’ because more and more females are at the top? And actually, there are still millions and millions of women being oppressed in other societies across the world.

    Now if we go by the idea that gender is a construct, then there should be no problem with women donning so-called ‘masculine’ clothes, spouting profanities and such. (Why are guys are allowed to get away with vulgarities while women are chided for doing so simply because in the eyes of society they should be passive, sweet, demure-or-else-can’t-get-husband etc.? Just a case in point regarding cultural stereotypes perpetuated by media and so on.)

    ‘Even oppressing other women’ – actually, I agree. Plus, feminism has long been slammed for being an elitist movement carried out only by intellectuals; their abstract theorizing is completely irrelevant to the uneducated women.

    But I think what feminism wants to offer is choice and agency to the woman. The movement wants to let every woman have agency in deciding the way they want to live their lives, instead of being circumscribed into petty molds and stereotypes. I’m not saying that women should give up traditional roles of being a mother. That is not what feminism wants, either. What feminism wants is basically to show that there can be an alternative. Right now, for so many women across the globe, there is no such thing.

    And there are many ‘feminists’ I know (including myself) who definitely want to be a mother and have kids someday. So it’s really all about balance and whether we have the freedom to decide for ourselves. (:

    And finally, I think what you are saying about ‘the woman being like the man’, in terms of oppression, is actually very accurate. Feminism is fundamentally (I should think) about egalitarianism. Where it SUBJUGATES men, then it is itself echoing patriachal structures. Any type of female-Amazonian lifestyle is simply another form of patriarchy. However, I don’t really think this is possible (and will probably never be) =P

    AND finally finally, men are also oppressed by patriarchal norms in certain senses ;)

    Patriarchy is not necessarily ‘male’ but it is male at the moment. Do you get it? XDDD I don’t know how to put it any other way.

    No, it’s not feminist, it’s sadist. Haha.

    Aiyooooo I typed so much! Ok I go study now~

  7. joel says:

    i cant fault anything i’ve read here- it’s all valid and justifiable in it’s own right.

    in a broad perspective, all this can be classified as man’s political view of women, and women’s political dicontentment of men. that is politically incorrect too. it should read “in a way all this can be classified as men’s political view of women,and vice versa.”

    see where i’m coming from?

    i actually had a nice paragraph to elaborate on, but my post was so tragically lost when they prompted me for my email address before my post could be submitted. and i’m really lazy to retype.

    so let me end simply. why not we humans just learn to be true to ourselves, our friends and family, our loved ones, oue faith and chalk everything else to the bill of a person’s CHARACTER and PERSONALITY? why bother about something that is predefined? a construct in gender that from a feminist’s point of view is flawed, and from the “free” society’s point of view needs changing? let’s let people be the way they are/want to be while we be the way we are/want to be=)

    wouldnt the world be a happier place?
    personally i’m rather nonchalant about this issue. especially more so after my post was deleted.

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